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Statement of Inclusion

Beautifully Made Adventures is committed to creating an environment where all people, regardless of disability, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, and sexual orientation, can access and fully participate in outdoor adventure-based wellness practices. The creation of individually tailored trauma-informed sessions supports students in learning connection to self, land, and others using the methods of hiking, yoga/breathwork, and meditation. Building on a relationship of trust and comfort, I will work to mitigate barriers by including simplified language, ensuring familiar topics relating to the interests of each client, and maintaining engagement during each session.

The outdoor spaces we practice within will be safe and achievable for each client based on their physical ability to ensure success and maintain interest. I will mitigate identified barriers to physical activity, time in nature, and stillness and meditation in a way that supports the client and facilitates connection to self, land, and others.


The following is a progression of the approach we follow to ensure all people feel supported throughout their sessions and as they transfer these practices to their daily lives.

Initial Meeting


Initial Session


Beautifully Made Adventures will meet individually with potential students and guardians to listen to one another's stories and history of significant life events to develop relationships built on trust. We will discuss:

  • medical history

  • experiences in school or other institutions

  • family structure

  • things that make the client excited

  • self-regulation practices that work

If, after the initial meeting, the student and guardian would like to move forward, a survey will be sent with questions to identify:

  • goals for the initial session

  • comfort in the outdoors

  • prior outdoor experiences

  • prior movement/yoga experiences

  • prior stillness/meditation experience

  • social skills

  • significant relationships

  • client favorites (musicians, movies, sports teams, etc.)

In the initial session, Amy will meet with the client and their caregiver or guardian and pay special attention to:

  • physical abilities (balance, strength, posture, breath rate, etc.)

  • attention span

  • ability to be redirected

After the initial session, Amy will send a proposal for continuing partnership, and then meet with the caregiver or guardian to discuss a personalized curriculum designed to meet the clients needs and  goals.

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