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Private Yoga Session-60 min

Private Yoga Session-60 min

Join me in person or virtually for a 60 minute private yoga session specifically designed to meet your needs.  Pre- 30 min consultation included.

Class will include meditation.

Read the following testimony from a current private student:

"Being an extrovert in 2020 has been a challenge, being stuck at home, not seeing everyone's full face, and the feeling there is no end in sight. I have loved doing yoga with Amy since I have met her. She creates a safe space for your mind, body and spirit. I have loved being able to do personal one on one sessions via zoom during this season. Practicing yin together in real time helps me not feel so alone and provides the accountability I need to slow down and take space to tend to my soul. I could not be more thankful for Amy and what she is sharing with all of us!"



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