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Personal Practice Recordings

Personal Practice Recordings

Refresh and Release through a 30min recorded Meditative Yin Class sent to you each week, and a reflection journal to be used as a companion to your Yin practice.

I know you are busy, I know we are in the midst of an ever-evolving pandemic and the availability to press pause and connect to self is fleeting.  I understand.

This program is created just for you, to fit your schedule and draw you into calm and peace that works best for you.

I will send you a weekly email containing a 30 min recorded Meditative Yin Yoga practice to be used whenever you find space in your schedule.  You can practice this as often as you want during your week.  Upon your registration, you will receive a reflection journal intended to connect you to yourself.  This journal is intended for you to release the carrying of the burdens of this life and once again find refreshment and stable footing to step back into your day with confidence and joy. 

I know from my personal experience as well as my professional experience that finding the time to practice is itself a practice, so this product is for 3 months.  Once you register, you will receive weekly emails for a full 3month-12weeks.  If you fill up your journal, you just let me know and I will happily send you a new one.

  • Sample 30 min Meditative Yin Practice

    Click the link below to enjoy a sample 30min Meditative Yin practice.  If you are unsure whether this product is right for you, please click the link below to join me in a free 30min Meditative Yin practice.

  • Sample 15min Recorded Meditation


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